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about the georgia coalition for safe communities


The Georgia Coalition for Safe Communities (GCSC) is comprised of passionate advocates from organizations across our state that seeks to advance gun violence research, inform, educate, and help engage individuals and localities on actions and practices that promote common sense policies that prevent violence.

We share a committed willingness to have the difficult conversations surrounding gun violence and its dangerous effect on the health of our communities.
We are motivated to help encourage gun violence research, improve the safety and enhance the quality of life for all Georgians, without the threa
t of violence.

our members


The Advocates for Responsible Care (ARxC) is a non-profit organization that functions as an alliance of health care professionals, patient advocates, and human rights specialists advancing ARxC’s mission to expand affordable patient access to the prescription drugs and treatments and to reduce cultural incompetency and health care delivery disparity. We offer services to inform the public, mobilize support, and implement strategies to address the inequitable delivery of health care services in Georgia.


For the past decade, ARxC has been working on behalf of patients to educate, engage and advocate for timely, affordable access to comprehensive, quality health care services and prescription drugs and treatments. Our goal is to improve patient access to innovative care and prescription treatments. The benefit of prompt affordable access improves the physical, social and mental health status of Georgians. Prevention of disease and disability, as well as wide-range diagnosis and treatment of health conditions will yield a higher quality of life, prevent deaths and lead to longer life expectancy for our Georgia communities.

With a history of finding sustainable solutions by developing and managing mutually beneficial relationships, ARxC led the development of the Rx in Reach GA Coalition (Rx in Reach GA), a coalition of 36 heath-centered organizations and physician-membered associations that has successfully facilitated access to healthcare services and treatments at the state and federal level.

With the same dedication to the health of our communities, ARxC has responded to the public health crisis of gun violence by steering the Georgia Coalition for Safe Communities (GCSC). We call for comprehensive research to understand the complex patterns of gun violence in Georgia, how our communities are affected by it and identifying those at risk.

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Outcry: Interfaith Voices Against Gun Violence, came together to raise our voices as people of faith all across Georgia in hopes of preventing gun violence in our state. We believe that God calls us to value every human life and commands us to live in peace with one another.

We believe that God also commands us to love our neighbor and therefore it is our responsibility to do all that we can to ensure the safety and security of all people. We can no longer be silent about gun violence in our state. OUTCRY supports expanding gun violence research in Georgia to examine the effects on or communities. We will oppose political decisions driven by fear that promote the notion that the answer to gun violence is more guns in our streets, neighborhoods, restaurants and public places.


As one of the core leaders of GCSC, nurturing a vital, safe community means reaching out and ensuring that people with different experiences and points of view are included, especially those who are often excluded. We will bring people together from many groups to create opportunities for respectful dialogue and joint problem solving on violence issues. We participate when invited to dialogues convened by others. Using our combined vast network of organizations and interested parties, we initiate, participate in, and support partnerships that are based on a shared vision and mutual responsibility that lends toward creating a safer Georgia.

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Compassionate Atlanta is a grassroots organization whose aim is building connected communities. Locally, we have 123 charger partners, including nonprofits, small businesses, faith organizations and municipalities. We work to enhance communication and create collaboration between our partners. The desire for common sense gun laws is one of the threads that runs between all of these entities, but may not be a priority. Compassionate Atlanta aims to bring the message of compassionate action through energizing and engaging the community to support common sense gun legislation.


Compassionate Atlanta would leverage our relationships with advocacy organizations, communities of color, police, media, and others to expand gun violence research and further the message and ultimate passage of common sense gun laws in Georgia.

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